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Apartment Rome ,Apartment Rome ,Apartment Rome Apartment Rome ,Apartment Rome ,Apartment Rome All this wonderful mass of things quietly acts upon us which are visiting Rome , gettino close to the most superbous monuments. Elsewhere people need to look for what is important; here we are oppressed from it.... (W:Goethe) Effectively in Rome after having bought an ice-cream in front of a middle-age tower (Torre del Mellini) , in a few steps you face a baroc artwork (Fontana dei quattro fiumi) inside an imperial Rome (Stadio di Domiziano) where often there are fashion shows. At a half the ice cream you cross the rinascimental city (Palazzo Madama, nowadays house of the Senate), and before it is finished you find yourself in between a Rome pagane and crhistiane at the same time (pantheon). You can have the same sight, if not even a better one, confortably sat on a open-air restaurant table, since you just have to turn your eyes at different directions each morsel, because the stones of Rome pagane christiane and wordly cross, net and melt themselves, to divide and join again in a unique and unrepeatable armony . If you have just a few days avalaible Rome is to be visited tasting the extraordinary and ever new feelings that the city induces. At nights you are too tired and stressed for having seen and admired too much.. (W:Goethe)