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Discover the elegance of the fashoin’s city, the prestige of Italy’s business center, the wonderfulness of its hidden face, the value of its monuments, the glory of its past and the perspectives of its future. Don’t forget at last its natural and artistic beauties. A Milan’s turistic itinerary cannot start but than from the Duomo, the real hearth of the city. Started in 1386 it represents a magnificent witness of lombard gotic art. It is an incredible marm construction, with a infinite blossom of statues (over 3.500 ! ) and arcs. It is possibile to visit the roof with his hertbreaking city’s panoramas. Continuing our walk we find the Castello Sforzesco. Born as a strategic position it has undergone many changes up to become a wealthy dimore. From here the army moves to face the famous ‘bread revolt’ as we read in the ‘Promessi Sposi’ di Alessando Manzoni. Last, the Basilica di Sant’Ambrogio , queen and mother of the lombard churchs, it has been Antlered in 387 from S.Ambrogio; in the inner space we find monuments and artworks even 16 century old , from lombard romanic art..


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