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The biggest sicilian city is also its cultural and historical hearth, thanks to a wonderful artistic and architectonic fortune. The city, whose name derives from the greek ‘all harbour’, was actually founded from the Fenicians, probably in the 8th century B.C.. In the 5th B.C. it became the most important Carthaginese fortress on the island. After the roman conquest and the bizantinian domain, under the arabic control started in 831 A.C. Palermo became capital of Sicilian autonomous emirate, and one of the most crowded bazars in the Mediterranean sea. In the Normannic period many bizantinian artwork changed again the architectonic tissue of Palemo downtown, as it is witnessed from the very beautiful Cappella Palatina and the Monreale’s Duomo. The actual face of this southern modern metropolis is that of a city with its mysterious and raiding fascine, closed into the net of its arab lanes, into the wonderfulness of its buildings and sanctuaries, in the art treasuries, in the paradises of natural scenarios and in the unchanged value of ancient traditions in artworks as in the typical kitchen.


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