A visit in London has to start from his Tower:, built in 1078 from Guglielmo the Conquerer, it has been along times the royal palace, the prison, a treasurery and even a zoo. Now the Tower hosts the Crown jevels. Going ahead we find the magnificent Buckingam Palace, Home of the monarchy and site for celebrations as ceremonial acts. Here is possible to look at the famous ‘Guard’s change’, every day from May to August at 11.30 a.m.. The third and last stop is in the House of parliament’ , with the Big Ben and the Westminster Abbey close by. This building is the most famous in the city and also the most beatiful example of Vittorian architecture. Lonodn downtown is a city apart. Here can be satisfied everybody’s tastes. There is Leicester square with its disco.Metro, Piccadilly Circus with its punk bands, Trafalgar square with its wonderful food market, and Carnaby Street with its eccentric dresses. By night the city fascine explodes, as so many are the amusing opportunities for every taste and pocket.