Visiting the Big Apple itís a fascinating task, since there is so much to discover. The city encloses in a limited space the most audacius architectural forms, the highest skyscrapes, the hardiest bridges, the most magnificent churchs and, in the herath of Manhattan, a public park as big as the Monaco principate. From the top of the Empire State Building you overcome the most beatiful sight of New York city, with its wide streets and the Central Park area ; it is also possible to distinguish Downtown and Uptown, Westside and East side, as the five main districts of Manhattan, Brooklin, Queens, the Bronx and Staen Island. If you really want to discover New York , just walk and only take metro for greater distances. Another face of the city can be seen with a boat ride in the Hudson river allround Manhattan. By night New York is a big amusement park: musicians which play in front of houses, mimes and comics that dance on improvised stages; the show is on the street, out of the same theaters, in a big perforformance that doesnít require tickets !